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May 10, 2012, 6 pm – Author presentation at Bucksport Book Club







Held at Bucksport's cozy bookstore: BookStacks



BookStacks owner Andy Lacher...Thanks Andy!!!








Bucksport Book Club Talk








Friends & Family Join the Launch & Signing

































Even Leo, the BookStacks' mascot, hung around for a great time!


Then there was dinner at MacLeod's Restaurant to celebrate!









Friends & Family: This is my son in law and his family!



Jane (in the middle) with husband, John and daughter, Lisa









December 20, 2012 — The New England Book Festival has named Glimpses and The Summer of the Disco King as receiving an Honorable Mentions for 2012.

Saturday, December 22, – 10 a.m. – Noon, Bangor Mall – JC Penney Court,  633 Stillwater Avenue, Bangor, Maine, Book Signing

The Bangor Mall Signing 2012


July 12, 2012 6:30 pm Bucksport Book Club at Bookstacks. Discuss new book Glimpses and will read poems from “Piper’s Song”. 
August 9, 2012 6-7 pm – Bucksport Bookstacks, Launching of “Glimpses”   

Glimpses Launch and Book Signing


Surprised by out of town family this time!

 Many Thanks to Andy Lacher owner of BookStacks in Bucksport, Maine!

Of course the after party was at Macleod's-Thanks George!

August 23, 2012 Book talk with Brunwick Book Club. Topics will be “The Summer of the Disco King” discussion followed by poetry readings from “Piper’s Song” and a review of “Glimpses”.

Brunswick Book Club


Great Food, Fun and Talk!


Thank you to Joe & Sandra Norton for entertaining us in their beautiful home!!!


 Book review by Bill Bushnell of Kennebec Journal

Bucksport author Jane Harvey Meade declares that her debut mystery novel will appeal to women of all ages, but she is wrong.  Surely female readers will like this story — but male readers will enjoy it, too.

THE SUMMER OF THE DISCO KING is Meade’s first novel, a well-written, light-hearted mystery that successfully combines suspense with romance and humor.  The main character, Janet Conners, is sort of an adult Nancy Drew high on estrogen and Dubonnet wine.

Janet Conners is a 40-year-old widow raising a 15-year-old daughter.  To help make ends meet she takes in a boarder, a casual friend named Franny who brings an annoying rat-dog, untidy habits, strange behavior and heaps of trouble into Janet’s home.

Within days, Janet catches Franny in several blatant and puzzling lies, an intruder sneaks into her house, a prowler scares the daylights out of her and a police officer acts very oddly. Then, add the mysterious people living in two boarded-up, seemingly abandoned old houses nearby, and an elderly neighbor’s quiet warning that “He’s killed them all now,” and Janet is truly creeped out.

In some very funny scenes Janet quaffs Dubonnet as she not-too-subtly watches and lusts after her handsome and hunky next door neighbor, tries to figure out her moody and smart-mouthed teenage daughter, and wonders who the Disco King really is as he cruises by her house in a vintage convertible.

What Janet doesn’t know is that several murders may have already occurred, and that there is a deadly criminal conspiracy swirling around her, all carefully hidden behind deception and polite behavior.

Several well-placed clues may help the reader solve the mystery before Janet figures it out, but no matter, getting there is all the fun.