¬†Meade’s latest book Something about the House


Small towns can be suspicious of newcomers, especially small towns in Maine, and everyone seems to be against the Morgans, who have arrived in Townsand to fill the empty school positions. Things get much worse for them when Townsand and its neighboring communities try to unite into one school district. Old bigotries flare and long buried grievances threaten violence. It will take a murder or two to resolve hostilities that have festered too long in this remote Maine region. And the Morgans must struggle to figure out why they seem to always be in the middle of it all. Is it about them? Or could it be Something About the House?



Thanks to the Maine Authors Publishing and Cooperative of Thomaston, Maine, I am very pleased to be finally published and able to offer books that have been developing throughout my lifetime.

Writing is a wonderful gift and privilege. It is also a responsibility. I am striving to entertain as in the “Summer of the Disco King” and to enlighten as in “Glimpses” and “Piper’s Song.” I hope you¬†readers will let me know when I have succeeded in these attempts and conversely, when I have fallen short.